Zumba Sweeps Across America

SweepsIn this video posted in 2007, Beto finds himself in Dayton, Ohio. Not your typical Zumba Fitness town, but then again, nothing is typical with Zumba Fitness.

From housewives, to professionals to mail couriers, Zumba has touched the lives of these ordinary folk. Beto fans speak of the success that they have experienced by doing Zumba. The locals refer to it as the “Ohio Phenomenon.”

“When I grew up, we didn’t move like this.”

I agree. Latin and world beats is not something that everyone gets the opportunity to experience, but Zumba has found a way to open doors for people from all walks of life. One thing’s for sure, they rocked the house in Dayton and had a one heck of a fitness party. That’s how they roll in Dayton. Wepa!

And So it Began…

And so...In this video posted in 2007, the world was introduced to Tanya on Fox 13 (not the woman pictured in the thumbnail, for those who don’t know).

The energetic Tanya Beardsley, one of only 12 or so master trainers in the entire country at the time, leads a class for sixty minutes of non-stop, heart-pumping Latin beats. Zumba is a fitness party burning up to 600 calories per session as three of her students can attest to as they share their success stories.

“It’s gonna blow up! It’s gonna be the next world sensation, kind of like Tae Bo was.”

Tanya called it, didn’t she? Yes, she was and still is a Zumba Queen. Wepa!

First DVD

First DVDIn this short video posted in 2008, a trailer of Beto’s DVD, Zumba Beginners, demonstrated some of the basic moves that made Zumba so unique and fun. Some of the moves included the Merengue, the Samba and the Flamenco. Who could of known what the future held for Zumba at that time? Wepa!

Beto Breaking it Down

Breaking itIn this video posted in 2006, Beto gives a live demo on the show, South Florida Today, promoting the first annual Zumbathon, of which a 100% of the proceeds went to cancer research.

Beto says that Zumba is like a party with exercise. I agree. But importantly, as Beto explains, Zumba makes people happy and that’s what I love about Zumba. It makes me happy. 😉

Beto puts an enthusiastic morning personality, Trina, through some high-paced moves which left her winded in no time. I think Trina got more than she bargained for. Wepa!

One of Beto’s First Success Stories

First successIn this video posted in 2006, a Zumba video from a cereal box dramatically changes the life of a young girl named Victoria.

In six months, Victoria dropped 20 lbs. and was honored by the state’s governor. After being diagnosed as obese and pre-diabetic in the first grade, Victoria and her family began working out to the video called “Zumbando” and saw great results.

“I feel really happy with myself that I’m doing this with my whole family and with my parents, with my brothers. And I really love it. It’s just a good exercise for you to do.”

What an inspirational story! Thank YOU, Victoria! Wepa!

Where it All Began

All beganIn this video posted in 2006, Beto defines what “Zumba Fitness” means to him in his own words on Aqui y Ahora.

Beto explains that Zumba is like a fiesta. The movie, Saturday Night Fever, played an influential role in Beto’s youth sparking his interest in dance back in Cali, Colombia.

In the closing segment, Beto flys down the freeway on his custom-built hog as he lives in the moment and enjoys all of the perks that Zumba has to offer.

Beto was, and still is, a catalyst for change in peoples’ lives and well being. Wepa!

Translation of video by Racquel Bulleser.

The Man Behind it All

Behind it allIn this video posted in 2006 of an interview with Beto that aired in 2003 on Despierta America, Beto introduces the world to “Zumba Aerobics” on national television in Español.

Beto and his crew of Latina beauties, dressed in hip-hugging tie-dye spandex, quickly demonstrate a few basic movements such as the Cumbia and Salsa. At the time of the this interview, Beto was 33 years old and was in great shape (and still is) rocking a cut denim dress shirt and bright yellow pants–way before the Zumba line of today but a trendsetter nevertheless.

His movements were as alluring as ever dancing with the precision of a professional ballroom dancer. It’s no wonder why Zumba is where it is today. One word, Beto. Wepa!